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District 141 Staff Directory
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Ottawa Elementary Administrative Office    815.433.1133
Cleve Threadgill, Superintendent x 6003
Alison Cresto, District Office   x 6002
Christine Bucciarelli Director of Curriculum and Assessment x6012
Jane Waldron Superintendent's Secretary x 6003
Lynn Gegg, Printer x 6013
Chris Torres, Coordinator of Business Activities/Office Manager x 6005
Lori Maltas, Bookkeeper x 6008

Special Education Office
Jennifer Bergeson Special Education Secretary x 6004
Michael Grenda Psychologist x 6010
Christine Kane Psychologist x 6017
Jeremy Lambe, Director of Special Services x 6004

Health Providers
Jill Nevins, Health Provider x 5005
Carol Wilcox Health Provider x 2005

Educational Specialists
Guy Chamberlin, Band  x 5058
Donna Martin, Band x 5058
Terri McTaggart, Friendly City Sound x 4056

Brandon Lamkey Technical Coordinator x 5009
Antoinette Calhan Data Coordinator x 5010
Seth Parker, Systems Assistant
Pat Singer, Systems Assistant
Kyle Olesen, Systems Assistant

Melodie McConnaughhay, Transportation Coordinator x 6014
Darcy Armstrong Assistant Dispatcher x 6015
Bryan Benedetti, Mechanic x 6016

Marc Tabor, Coordinator of Maintenance/Operations x 6007
Joe Dresbach, Maintenance/Operations
Bill McAlpine, Maintenance/Operations

Food Service
Vicki McConnell Director of Food Service x 5012

School Secretaries
Sandy Kindred, Central School
Betty McDowell, Central School
Barb Diederich Jefferson School
Janet Griglione Jefferson School
Shelley Sinning, Lincoln School
Lori Walker, McKinley School
Tracy Kistenfeger, McKinley School
Kim Jones, Shepherd Middle School
Lori Sanders, Shepherd Middle School