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McKinley Elementary
Ms. Prendergast, Principal

McKinley School
is located at:

1320 State Street
Ottawa, IL 61350

Phone: 815-433-1907
Fax: 815-433-9124

                                                                McKinley Elementary School
                                                                                Principals Greeting

Welcome to McKinley Elementary School

Academic achievement, school spirit, and caring for others are the hallmarks of our school. Dedicated and nurturing teachers, supportive and involved parents, and motivated and prepared children make McKinley Elementary School a great place to learn.

McKinley Elementary School has continued to grow to the present PK-4 enrollment of 420 students. Our staff is comprised of a wonderful mix of approximately 65 professionals who are dedicated to helping every child experience success and develop positive attitudes toward school and learning. To achieve this, we focus on the needs of our learners and our students are given a strong foundation in reading, math, science, social studies and computer literacy. At McKinley, we strive for excellence in a child centered learning environment.

We are all very proud of our school - and this is just the beginning. During your visit, I'm sure you will see why our students, staff, and parents make McKinley Elementary School a great place to learn and grow.

Julie Prendergast



Weather Alerts

The AlertNow system will be used to notify parents of emergency school closings. Information will also be posted to the web pages for the district and the school and to WCMY 1430 AM radio.

Student Drop - Off
If you are dropping off your child(ren) before school, please have them exit on the passenger side of the car once you reach the curb. There is no parking in the cross walk area. Once your child is out of the car and your car door is closed, please pull away from the curb. This practice will allow the next group of cars to pull up. Please do not wait until your child has entered the building to leave as this greatly slows down the drop off process. If you need to park your car and get out, please park in one of the parking spaces on the street. Student drop-off time is 8:05 a.m. We do not have adult supervision until 8:05 a.m. Thank you for your cooperation with these procedures to keep our students safe.

The following students have been chosen by their Teachers to be the Character Counts students for their classrooms.

August/September - Responsibility
Kindergarten - Benjamin S., Maggie K., Nexhat B.
First Grade - Parker E., Logan S., Melanie S., Grace D.
2nd Grade - Michaela E., Katelyn M., Annabel C., Landon V.
3rd Grade - Collin L., Zoe H., Gabi K.
4th -  Michelle R., Lauren C., Catherine F., Dylan L.

October - Trustworthiness
Kindergarten - Garrett L.., Christopher D., Ayden R.
First Grade - Emma C., Matt O., Trey S., Mary H.
2nd Grade - Kaedon H., Karcin H., Justin G., Corbin B.
3rd Grade - Lainey B., Gavin M., Izzy G.
4th -  Ryan N., Reagan L., Cameron R., Taylor M.

November - Citizenship
Kindergarten - Kaylee B., Dante Coppola., Dakota W.
First Grade - Lilliana S., Alex B., Dominic E., Connor K., Grace K.
2nd Grade - Morgan D., Landen T., Shelby E.,
3rd Grade - Drew D., Luke C., Alexi M., Ethan C.
4th -  Micah H., Felicity C., Kaitlyn B.,

December - Caring
Kindergarten - Garrett B.., Arana M., Leiya Reilly., Patrick S.
First Grade - Drake K., Collin J., Bryler G., Payton N.,
2nd Grade - Hayley T., Justin L., Hailey N.,
3rd Grade - Brianna A., Cora D., Eden F., Kailey O.
4th -  Isabella B., Sam W., Brayden H.,

January - Fairness
Kindergarten - Ella D., Avery C., Grace T.
First Grade - Maggy B., Makenzie E., Alyssa M., Gus D.
Second Grade - Gabby H., Gracie D., Will H.
Third Grade - Zachary S., Beau E., Zander B., Dylan V.
Fourth Grade - Lucas P., Kate K., Cesar E.

February - Respect
Kindergarten - Alli R., Chloe L., Billie P.
First Grade - Kailee L., Ryan W., Jordan S., Hailey V.
Second Grade - Corinne F., Trey W., Neva M.
Third Grade - Ashton B., Jasmine G., Zoe S.
Fourth Grade - Lexi J., Levi S., Ethan R.

March - Respect
Kindergarten - Zander R., Olivia B., Kaylee M.
First Grade - Haley W., Olivia T., Keagan G.,  Jephuane R.
Second Grade - Jenna S., Lauren P., Morgan C.
Third Grade - Alejandra E., Jarol D.
Fourth Grade - Abby B., Yoselin M. Dominic G.

April - Trustworthiness
Kindergarten - Skylar D., Sienna B., Ayal D.
First Grade - Bryce M., Christian G., Jonathan H., Michael M.
Second Grade - Mia S., Bryce S., Connor P.
Third Grade - Brooke W., Maggie S., Rebekah F., Austen R.
Fourth Grade - Dylan J., Miah R., Sopia S.

May - Caring
Kindergarten - Jasmine N., Brayden C., Anthony J. S.
First Grade - Jack H., Sarah Mc., Garrett S., Luke C.
Second Grade - Noah B., I'moni W., Mickie H.
Third Grade - Kairi S., Sarah R., Emma S.
Fourth Grade - Jamarion J., Ayden F., Noah B.

Congratulations Students! We are so proud of you!

One of the real world challenges in the ENVISION program is Magnetropolis™

Ahoy! Set sail to the magni!cent island of Magnetropolis and explore
the power of magnetism. Build boats, buildings and towers!

                                                                        Good Neighbors

Dr. Conness, Dr. Miller and Dr. Vesely are great neighbors. We would like to maintain these relationships. Please do not park in their parking lots during their business hours. Parking in their lots could result in towing.

First Friday of every month, please wear your McKinley Wear or purple and gold.

Prevention of Norovirus

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) has noted a marked increase in the number of reported outbreaks of Norovirus in schools and daycare facilities this fall. The Norovirus is a very contagious acute gastrointestinal virus characterized by diarrhea, vomiting and stomach pain.† IDPH has released guidance concerning limiting the spread of the virus and exclusion recommendations for children and staff in schools and daycare facilities. The guidance is posted on the Illinois State Board of Education's website and can be accessed on the following link:  http://www.isbe.net/esd/pdf/Norovirus.pdf.

Improvement Plan

The Ottawa Elementary School District’s Planned Improvement is located on our District Improvement Plan as well as on each school’s web-page.  Please go to www.ottawaelementaryschools.com to review the district/schools improvement plans.  If you would like to obtain a copy of the any of the school or district plans, please contact the individual school or the district office.


Mr. Cleve Threadgill

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